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About Xenshido

Take it to the Limit

Xenshido is inspired from Wing Chun, Snake, and White Crane Kung Fu.  Other principles of Chi Gong, Aikido, and Muay Thai are employed throughout techniques explored by Xenshi (Xenshido).  Xenshi can be interpreted as "Warrior" or "Way of the Warrior" and as such we adopt philosophies of Myamoto Musashi, Ip Man, traditional Kung fu and modern street sense and combat.  We aim to mold ourselves and others to adopt and internalize these principles.  We also believe in continuous learning and understanding of ourselves, and our journey of the Martial Artist.  We do not believe in mastery other than an apex to strive toward.  Xenshido then provides as a kwoon to nurture this growth.  The teacher teaches the student just as the student teaches the teacher.  Come join us on our journey!

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