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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xenshido?

   Xenshido is an abstract kung fu system, conceived by the mind of Sifu Brett D. He has taken parts of several martial art forms and formulated them into an extremely effective martial art. Using Wing Chun Kung Fu as the basis, he incorporated aspects of other systems and deconstructed it, to build Xenshido into what it is. 

Why Xenshido?

   Why not? This is a system that has been proven numerous times by Sifu Brett D. You don’t have to learn Xenshido from Xenshido Martial Arts, or even learn the proven fighting system of Xenshido.  However, we implore everyone to learn some type of quality self defense, even if only for one lesson. And keep in mind - lots of trophies and belts are no substitute for the proper attitude and skills necessary to protect yourself and your family.

    You probably and hopefully, will never need these kinds of skills to save yourself or a family member from injury or death, but the piece of mind in knowing you can is worth it.

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