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Sifu Brett D

     Sifu Brett D has been involved in martial art since the age of nine, with over twenty years of training in traditional Kung Fu. He has studied several martial art systems, which include Western Kickboxing, Aikido, Kiaikido and Kenpo-Karate-Do. 

     Sifu Brett's training then gravitated toward Wing Chun in 1997.  He started with the Traditional Wing Chun System under the lineage of William Cheung, followed by the Modified Wing Chun System under the lineage of Wong Shun Leung.

      Additional training includes Pikiti Tersia Kali, Muay Thai, and Tai Chi/Chi Gong.  As a culmination of these arts, Xenshido was born.


Sihing Daniel L.

     Sihing Daniel will serve as an assistant instructor for Sifu Brett D.  He started training in martial art at the age of six with Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, obtaining his first degree black belt. He then joined a competitive wrestling team. His athleticism includes soccer, football, track, and swimming.  

     While in college, he started training in Kung Fu under Sifu Arthur Berry. After graduating college in 2008, his life took a different route as a musician where he played the fiddle for various bands. In 2015 he began training in the Modified Wing Chun System under Sifu Brett D and is now training in the Xenshido system.

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